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Auntie NeeNee's Caribbean Sauces

Trinidadian Green Seasoning

Trinidadian Green Seasoning

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Introducing Auntie NeeNee's Traditional Trinidadian Green Seasoning, a captivating fusion of vibrant herbs, spices, and aromatic flavors that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the Caribbean. Crafted with love and inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Trinidad and Tobago, this green seasoning is a delightful blend of Chadon Beni, cilantro, parsley, celery, thyme, green onion, green pepper, Red Russian garlic, vinegar, and secret spices.

**A Taste of the Caribbean:**

Experience the authentic taste of Trinidadian cuisine with Auntie NeeNee's Green Seasoning. The enchanting medley of fresh herbs and spices takes you on a culinary journey to the lush tropical landscapes of the Caribbean, where bold and vibrant flavours abound.

**Vibrant Herb Symphony:**

The heart of this seasoning lies in its exquisite herb blend. Chadon Beni, cilantro, and parsley infuse the seasoning with a refreshing green burst, while the earthy notes of celery and thyme add depth and complexity. The green onion and green pepper further enhance the ensemble, creating a melody of flavours that will tantalize your senses.

**Red Russian Garlic and Vinegar Twist:**

Auntie NeeNee's secret touch lies in the addition of Red Russian garlic, imparting a mild pungency that harmonizes with the other ingredients. To balance the flavours and enhance the tanginess, we use vinegar, ensuring the perfect harmony of taste in every drop.

**The Perfect Meat Tenderizer:**

Unlock the secrets of Caribbean cooking with Auntie NeeNee's Green Seasoning. It doubles as an exceptional meat tenderizer, allowing you to transform your favourite cuts into succulent, flavourful delights that will have your guests coming back for more.

**An Irresistible Salad Dressing:**

Elevate your salads with the vibrant flavours of Trinidadian Green Seasoning. A drizzle over fresh greens, vegetables, or grilled meats will invigorate your salads and make them a culinary masterpiece.

**Versatility at its Best:**

With Auntie NeeNee's Green Seasoning, culinary creativity knows no bounds. Use it to marinate meats, elevate seafood, enhance stews, stir into soups, and enliven rice and grain dishes. It's your passport to a world of tantalizing taste experiences.

**Handcrafted with Love:**

At Auntie NeeNee's, we pour our love and passion into every bottle of Green Seasoning. We carefully select the finest ingredients, ensuring the utmost freshness and authenticity of flavour.

**Join Our Flavourful Family:**

Embark on a culinary adventure with Auntie NeeNee's Traditional Trinidadian Green Seasoning. Embrace the vibrant taste of the Caribbean and become part of our extended family of flavour enthusiasts.

**Taste the Tradition:**

Savour the essence of Trinidadian cooking with Auntie NeeNee's Green Seasoning. Let each drop transport you to the heart of the Caribbean and unleash the flavours that have been cherished for generations.

**Embrace the Green Magic:**

Celebrate the green magic of fresh herbs and spices with Auntie NeeNee's Traditional Trinidadian Green Seasoning. Let your taste buds dance with delight as you experience the harmony of flavours that bring your dishes to life. Make every meal a Caribbean celebration with this irresistible green seasoning!

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